Our Vision

Here at Badass Brownies, we have a two-part vision. Completing one eventually allows us to complete the other.

Freedom From Restriction

Badass Brownies bakes ridiculously delicious brownies for chocolate lovers with or without dietary requirements. But we're about so much more than just food – we want to offer freedom to those with intolerances, allergies, and sensitivities. Unleash your inner chocoholic because we've got a range of flavours for most dietary requirements.

Freedom From Adversity

Did you know that our brownies are served with a side of social conscience? Buying brownies from us means that you're also contributing to the community.

Ultimately, we aim to offer a program that will support disenfranchised women to re-enter the workforce. The goal is to empower the women involved by helping them build relevant skills and offering work shadowing opportunities.

We believe in women supporting women and building each other up. We want to improve the participants' confidence by unlocking their untapped potential and encouraging them to apply for work in industries they may not have previously considered.