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Our B.I.Y. (bake it yourself) Brownie Mix is ideal for those who usually grab something store-bought to pass off as their own at the work morning tea. "Oh, these cream-filled chocolate eclairs? I whipped them up in no time… literally!". Challenge yourself to D.I.Y. with this B.I.Y. the easy way – no need to make brownies from scratch with this simple mix.

If you fancy yourself an inventor, this B.I.Y. Brownie Mix is for you! Go nuts, creating your very own brownies in your kitchen at home. If you have ever wished that we'd bring out a crazy flavour like tuna + coconut or pineapple + baked bean brownies, now's the time to try it out for yourself!

Gluten free. Nut free. Stress free. And guess what, it makes almost a kilo of Badass Brownies – more than enough to sneak some off the side before serving!

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What Makes Us Badass?

Lip-Smackingly Tasty

Feed your soul with our lip-smackingly tasty brownies

Gluten-Free (Always)

Freedom from dietary restrictions with gluten-free deliciousness

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Stress-free gifting has never been so scrumptious