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Gluten-Free Brownies

These gluten-free chocolate brownies are a treat for all of your senses. Delicious. In fact, ridiculous deliciousness. Indulgence delivered to your door nationwide.

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Inclusive Delicousness

We’ve had a gutsful of gluten, so we took it out of our tasty brownies! We are smashing the stigma of crumbly, dry gluten-free baking one brownie at a time. Indulge in a naughty treat, minus the side-effects you dread. Say goodbye to dairy, sugar, gluten, or whatever ingredient you need to break up with.

Don't take our word for it

My 9 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. It has been quite a journey. You can imagine her joy when a pop up cart with gluten free brownie popped up at Hagley Park. Nothing like a delicious blondie after a netball game!

Lucy Pratt

Each and every flavour is so good it really is hard to say which the favourite is but I do tend to lean to the orange and chilli. Having said that, the all time stalwart ‘sensationally plain chocolate’ always hits the spot too! Pretty much salivating now.

Tanya Marshall

The Blueberry Keto brownies are so damn good. That was my Saturday morning treat on the way to netball. Never been able to find another as good.

Christine Judkins

The best brownie I have ever had. Hands down!

Emma Croxson

I have NEVER had a bad brownie from Badass brownies, in fact I have taken it upon myself to try every single flavour. After having a taste of badass brownies, no other brownie compares! Found at markets, online and at Riverside market it’s my go to for a weekly treat, particularly the Blondie.

Nicole Trayner-Smith

Ridiculously delish. Never knew a brownie could exist that makes your heart happy.

Bex Rickards

The BEST brownies – you would never even know they were GF

Sophie The Celiac

The brownies were the best brownies I have ever had. Everyone thought they were amazing - I will be ordering them again in a few months for the team again! Thank you for bringing them all the way to Wellington!

LJ Jones
Peach and Passionfruit Blondie

Limited Edition

Peach and Passionfruit Blondie
Regular price $45.00


We’ve added something scrumptious to our new brownies that are round, firm, and a little bit cheeky… peaches and passionfruit!

Here at Badass Brownies, we’re passionate about making scrumptious treats that everyone can enjoy! For this special edition flavour, we’ve concocted a special love potion with lashings of passionfruit, laced with juicy, sweet peaches.

Ditch the oysters and taste the passion, mingled with the classic white choc brownie and a peachy surprise. Once you’ve tasted this glorious treat, your thirst for more will be insatiable.

The Peach and Passionfruit Blondie is the perfect midnight snack or afternoon delight… but if you want to eat it for breakfast, we won’t judge! After all, it could count as 2 of your 5+ a day, right?*

*It absolutely doesn’t, in case you’re wondering. But you can tell yourself that it counts if you like!


Worried about allergens? See our full list of ingredients here.


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