Vegan Brownies

If you eat everything except stuff coming from those with a heartbeat, we've got your back, Jack! Hold your horses because we've got the most delicious vegan brownies ever to pass your lips. These plant-based delights have been created to give you more vegan dessert options that taste just as good as the real thing.

No butter, eggs, or interns were harmed in the making of these incredible vegan brownies. We also spared the wheat and the nuts to create a vegan dessert like never before. Order a slab and treat yourself, your kiddos, or whoever you know that lives the plant life! 

* Just a side note, our raspberry and dark choc and our After Dinner ExciteMINT are always vegan, the other options that come up look like our original non vegan ones, because the photos are of those, but we can put in a special order for you in these flavours.