Boysenberry Ripple Blondie - 3 Slices

Boysenberry Ripple Blondie - 3 Slices

Picture a boysenberry hurricane sweeping through a blondie – that's our Boysenberry Ripple Blondie!

Blondies are the white chocoholic's version of a brownie. Filled with chunks of white chocolate that caramelises as it bakes, we thought that there was no improving on a classic blondie. That's until we decided to make a batch rippled with Barker's boysenberry filling.

We took one bite and were swept up in a storm of flavours – creamy white chocolate paired with the tart sweetness of the jam created a whirlwind in our mouths. We were so blown away that we couldn't keep this treat to ourselves. Order yours now!

Worried about allergens? See our full list of ingredients here.

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