After Dinner Excite-MINT (V/DF/EF)

After Dinner Excite-MINT (V/DF/EF)

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The inventors of after-dinner mints knew what they were doing – after all, a little chocolatey snack always goes down a treat in the evening. Well, we’ve taken after-dinner mints to a whole new level with our chocolate mint brownie! And just like the original, our brownies taste delish at any time of day.  Even better? They are completely vegan!

Just like pineapple on pizza or soft serve with fries, choc mint is one of those flavours that provokes a strong reaction. We reckon we’ve come up with the very best version of choc mint by adding it to a brownie… why not try it for yourself before you make up your mind?

Worried about allergens? See our full list of ingredients here.

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