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Ordering the Kickin Coffee Brownie is the exact opposite of getting a Peaceful Decaf Salad. This brownie does exactly what you expect, delivering a strong punch of coffee on the first bite. That initial coffee aroma soon gives way to a cocoa sensation, mingling in your mouth like it's a dance party!

We highly recommend eating one of these for breakfast to deliver a surge of caffeine, sugar, and deliciousness to help you seize the day! Also good to eat for lunch, dinner, midnight snack, 5 am munchies, or any time you're in need of a pick-me-up.

Delicious and not at all nutritious, you need to get your hands on these brownies ASAP!

Worried about allergens? See our full list of ingredients here.

What Makes Us Badass?

Lip-Smackingly Tasty

Feed your soul with our lip-smackingly tasty brownies

Gluten-Free (Always)

Freedom from dietary restrictions with gluten-free deliciousness

The Perfect Gift

Stress-free gifting has never been so scrumptious

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