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The Blondie is the brownie's hot cousin that everyone is desperate to meet. You don't want to let your friends near your Blondies, though, or they will swiftly disappear before your eyes! A close relative of the brownie, Blondies omit the cocoa and contain chunky hunks of white chocolate instead of milk choc bits.

This highly addictive substance will leave you weak in the knees, desperately searching for your next hit. Imagine if caramel and butterscotch got together and had a baby, and you ate it – that's a Blondie. Grab your slab now to find out what all the fuss is about!

Worried about allergens? See our full list of ingredients here.

What Makes Us Badass?

Lip-Smackingly Tasty

Feed your soul with our lip-smackingly tasty brownies

Gluten-Free (Always)

Freedom from dietary restrictions with gluten-free deliciousness

The Perfect Gift

Stress-free gifting has never been so scrumptious

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